There is never a wrong time to buy Real Estate

We say that “home ownership” is the largest “investment” most people ever make in their life. Your “Home” will result in equity buildup, value appreciation, and tax


How long it takes to find a house and close on it

To locate the right property it might take a few weeks or a few days once you know your preferences, price and location. I like to facilitate your journey by looking at properties as you go, by downloading the App:

Once we locate the right property, it will take an average of 21 to 40 days to close and receive the keys of your new residence! 


Steps to purchase any property in Texas
  • Define financials
  • Locate the property
  • Present an offer 
  • Terms and Conditions Negotiations 
  • Contract Signed when seller and buyer agree to all the terms and conditions
  • Buyer’s have the right to Inspect the property
  • Lender order a Property Appraisal
  • Schedule the Closing and Move in Date

Here you will find the transaction flow chart from the day of the the contract to the day of the closing and moving in to your new home! 



How can you be sure that the property is in sound conditions? 

In Texas the buyer has the right, per contract, to conduct all kind of inspections of the property. Buyer will contract a Licensed Inspector to inspect the property and to receive a report to make the final decision to continue the transaction or not, without loosing the Earnest Money deposited with an Escrow Agent at a Title Company.

How can you be sure that the property is worth the purchase amount?

The Realtor representing the buyer in the transaction will provide a market analysis of the area where the property is located, review the latest Sold data to determine a fair market value before presenting an offer to the seller.

More over the buyer’s lender will order an appraisal of the property that will have to match the purchase price at a minimum.

Transferring the Title to the new Owner

In Texas 90% of the real estate transactions are handled by Title Companies that will review, analyze the ownership, any type of leans on the property and procure an Title Insurance Policy. 


All of the above, plus the mortgage paperwork will take place in a orderly way and it will happen behind the scenes. 

As a buyer’s agent I team up with your lender, the title company and any other party involved, to make sure that the transaction is progressing smoothly, avoid and solve issues along the road if any.

Buyer’s Misconceptions

Buyers contacting the listing agent is better

As a matter of fact it is not. Consider that the listing agent has a fiduciary duty only to the owner of the property.

A buyer would be better by be represented by his own agent who would be able to provide all type of information on a property that might not be obtained from the seller’s agent.

Who pays for the Buyer’s Agent commission

In Texas the commission is paid by the seller of a property.


Let’s talk about your needs, preferences and the best time for you to move to your new residence and start your journey to your new Home!